Friday, 24 May 2013

The finger knitted 'rug'

One of the crafts that I recently taught our Year 3 and 4 children was four-finger finger-knitting. I used the finger knitting how-to from flax & twine and the results were amazing!
As with most things, some children got the hang of it straight away, while others needed a bit more help. However, they were soon teaching each other and asking for wool to take home so that they could show their families. Even our most football crazy 'laddish' lads were producing long, long lengths of bright, woolly wonder! 
So, what to make with all this work?
Well the answer came again from the inspirational Anne Weil at flax & twine with the hula-hoop rug.

I cut up a t-shirt 'donated' by my husband to make the 'warp spokes' of the rug.

The children were all keen to have a go at the weaving although they needed careful watching to make sure they kept it correct. I didn't want them to be disappointed if it all fell apart when we cut the spokes!

I took the weaving home to finish off by cutting and tying the spokes. I found that the larger the rug got the more it began to pucker and curl. To counteract this I had to push the weaving (the weft) down the spokes (the warp) towards the centre. This resulted in a flatter, thicker rug with a much smaller circumference, as you can see.

The children found it hilarious that their anticipated rug was now no more than a mat! Luckily they were still impressed and pleased with the results and the 'rug' takes pride of place in our 'quiet corner'. 


  1. Sounds fun... I think its great that the children can participate in making things for themselves. It looks like a great project. thanks for sharing.

  2. awesome. so glad you guys had fun doing the project!