Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Previous makes

I haven't got much crafting done today despite being up early to take my daughter, Bethany, to work. My elder son, Sam, had bought some Bermuda shorts on the internet for £2 and they were massive around the waist! I managed to sort them out for him by threading in some extra elastic that I'd recycled from some old trousers. I do love a bit of thriftiness, I'm sure I got a Brownie badge for that! I also had to unpick the top-stitching on the handle of the bag I'm making. I had a bit of a wobble off line 'cos I was hurrying to finish it before clearing up for tea. Does anyone else have this problem? Mine's exacerbated by the fact that I have to share with my model making husband! 
I thought I'd share a few of my previous makes with you. This is one of the first bags that I made, leading to a bit of a bag making obsession! I kept this one for myself and have sold a few to family and friends. The crazy patchwork is made from upholstery fabrics so is very textured and tactile. The random design also makes each bag unique. I can't wait to start on some new designs in lovely autumnal colours

These two cushions were made after pouring through library books on patchwork. I was instantly fascinated by the combinations of colour and shape. One book has a photo of a wall hanging that uses the straight lines of the log cabin design to make a beautifully curved and sensual depiction of sea and sand. My husband, Malcolm, and I recently saw another variation on this theme at our local high school 'A' Level art exhibition. I wish now that I'd taken a photo as it was so inspiring. 


  1. LOVE the bags and the cushions... great work.

    1. Many thanks, I'm a fan of your work too. I don't know where you find the time!!