Sunday, 17 May 2015

Wibbly blanket update and coastal craft room beginnings.

Just a quick few pics of my Coast Ripple blanket in its new home. 

This is/was my daughters bedroom but, as she is pretty much settled in Edinburgh, I am starting to give it a bit of a coastal theme. I've nicked a few bits and bobs from other places (no money to spare as usual) and some of Bethany's stuff is still here, but it's coming together slowly.

It's such a tiny room it's really hard to photograph. For the same reason I don't think my idea of turning it into a craft room really works. It will be good for keeping my various stashes and WIP's in one place though, and a cosy place to dream of all those future projects - once I've got Bethany to clear out a bit more space!!

(Don't worry, dear reader, Bethany knows she's welcome home any time, her bed is still there if she needs it!!)