Friday, 17 May 2013

'Art and clart'

I wanted to share a couple of the fab desk tidy creations from the children that I work with. As a Teaching Assistant I have recently been running a craft afternoon with Years 3 and 4 which has been great fun as I love a bit of 'art and clart'!
Trying to find ideas to suit all abilities and both girls and boys is no mean feat, but I found loads of inspiration online!

This castle is a collaboration between two Y4 boys inspired by the one here 
They worked so well together, and didn't argue once!

I love the addition of a bottom compartment for paper on this colourful tidy. This was a very popular design inspired by the awesome Amy at Mod Podge Rocks! 
It's amazing what a bit of left over wrapping paper or wallpaper can do. Many of the children came up with their own innovative designs of course, but I'm afraid I didn't get time to photo them all before they took them home to try out! I really must remember to get clicking with the camera more often, it's one of my biggest blogging downfalls!

Have you had any great successes (or failures!) with children's crafts? Keep an eye out for other posts on my attempts to inspire - the finger knitted 'rug' coming soon!!  


  1. Very nice Louise. My children are always creating things and I will be sure to share this with them. I am also really looking forward to the finger knitted rug .....

    1. Thank you. My own children are past all of this, so it's lovely being able to do it in my job. I have been teaching my daughter to crochet, however, after her attempts at knitting for college were a disaster!