Saturday, 24 August 2013

A grand day out!

Last week Malcolm and I took our youngest son, Tom, to his favourite day trip destination - the National Railway Museum in York. I have lost count of how many times we have been here over the years, with toddlers, teens, parents and grandparents, such is its appeal to all ages. What I'm sharing with you here is only a fraction of what's on offer so please check out the website (I'm not being sponsored) it really is worth it....
......and best of all it's free!! 

A frequent attraction at the museum has been the Mallard, the A4 class locomotive that set the world record for steam locomotion back in 1938. At 126mph that record still stands!
As part of the 75th anniversary of this amazing achievement 3 more of the 6 surviving A4's were on display alongside their sister locomotive.

Bittern on the turntable.

Malcolm and Tom get a closer look at Mallard.


Dominion of Canada repatriated from her home museum in Canada.

Dwight D Eisenhower all the way from the US.

It was fantastic to see them all together!

There is so much more to see if these monsters don't float your boat if you'll excuse the travel connection! I love peeking inside the royal carriages including those of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII.

A glimpse into the past. Hogwart's anyone?

Even the Warehouse and The Works (where Flying Scotsman can currently be seen under restoration) are fascinating areas to visit.

Husband and son both wishing they could get down into that workshop and get their hands dirty!!

A glimpse into the future too.....

......but wasn't Drax a Bond villain?!!!

Peace, love and marshmallows!
Louise x


  1. It is the most amazing museum isn't it. My husband and my son managed to get to The Great Gathering of all six A4s last month and had the most fabulous day, despite queuing for 2 hours in the heat to get in.

  2. wow that bed looks really small?

  3. Free? Wow! That makes it even better, so many places are so expensive! It cost £19 to go to the zoo last week. It looks amazing, things to see even if you are not into trains! If I ever go to York again, I will have to remember to go there.

  4. We love it there, we've taken the kids a couple of times. Hurrah for free museums! x

  5. hey there

    just popped back. I also love the sign post, one last kiss goodbye. aww they should have that at every train station and air port