Thursday, 27 February 2014


My husband popped home from work today toting a black bin bag that appeared to be rather heavy. 'I bumped into Ray' he said, in explanation and drove off again. I lugged the bag into the kitchen, it being indeed as heavy as it looked and man-handled it (or woman-handled it) onto the table. The shapes inside felt like severed body parts, I was sure I could make out at least one head!
Inside was this haul of jumbo veg.

The potato is there to show scale and is a very ordinary, medium sized potato!
Ray,to explain, is a friend of ours who has an allotment and keeps chickens. Over the years we have had tons of delicious eggs, potatoes, peas, beans, tomatoes and other veg in season delivered to our door by Ray. He single-handedly kept us in the freshest of goodies while our children were growing up - all for, quite literally, chickenfeed (allotment keepers can't sell for a profit, only seed money etc.)
Ray, however, does NOT produce baby vegetables!
We are used to cabbages as big as your head - but this turnip beats them all!!

This baby weighs in at 5 kilos and has a circumference of 70 cm. I think I will be cooking it until Christmas, please excuse me while I head to the shed for a saw!!
Bless you, Ray, you're a star :-D


  1. Not sure I've ever seen a turnip that big, blimey. When I grew them they were the size of golfballs.

  2. I think you need my Gran's turnip jam recipe, you've certainly got enough turnip!

    1. I've never heard of turnip jam, Annie, it, lol. We cooked, mashed and froze the smaller one over the weekend, I think I might dice and blanch the other one to use in soups. My son is threatening to leave home now because of the smell!!!