Monday, 24 March 2014

Seafood...and eat it!

My husband came home with these three beauties the other day, certainly a more welcome sight than the turnip!
Living in a fishing port we have had seafood fresh from the boats in the past but you have to be around when they come in. Our local fishmonger sells a limited stock, in our humble opinion, and requires you to order crab in advance.
These were procured, for a mere £3 (yes, for all three!) after a timely chat with the Harbour Master :-D

I make no apologies if your squeamish about this sort of thing and certainly won't be offended if you read no further. My daughter would be repulsed, but the rest of the family find it delicious! 

This big guy was making a bid for freedom when my son came in from school.
" do know that one's still moving?"

He weighed in at well over a kilo.

"This calls for the BIG pot!"

After much hard work my husband managed to get enough from the three of them for crab salad and crusty bread for the three of us, two days in a row - absolutely delicious! 

Ironically, my Mum treated us to a meal out at our local seafood restaurant at the weekend (in lieu of a birthday present for my husband). We both had a half lobster, chips and salad at a stately £17 each!!

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  1. Hmm... not my thing! I really don't like fish or seafood, never have! But you can't beat something really fresh and local and it looks like you got a bargin! Good thing you knew how to cook and prepare them though, I wouldn't have a clue where to start.