Sunday, 30 September 2012


My apologies for not blogging for I while, I promise that I've been busy and not just lazy - although there's been a lot of that too!

Tom at the National Railway Museum, York.
The new school term began which is always chaotic in our household, none of us function well to the bells and whistles of routine. You would think that I'd be used to it being a T.A. and having an ex Teacher for a husband. Our maddest year was when each of our children were at different schools (first, middle and high school) and Malcolm and I worked at two other different schools. Trying to keep up with training days, bad weather closures and uniforms etc. was mind blowing! Anyhoo, we now only have Tom and myself in school now, and he pretty much sorts himself out once I've made sure he's awake! This is his first term at high school and he's loving it. They have to make their GCSE choices a year earlier now which seemed a bit harsh at the time. However it has meant that Tom has been able to go straight into the subjects that he wants to do and is fired up with enthusiasm as a result. Keep up the good work Tom, we're proud of you! 

Sam, by us.
We took Sam down to Leeds to start uni 3 weeks ago and haven't got used to his absence yet. Although most of the time he would be glued to his computer in his room he would always have something funny or profound to say on his way to the kitchen for a snack. Mealtimes are really odd now too. Since the kids were tiny we've always sat down to tea together, focusing on tasty homecooked food and good conversation. Now, with Sam away and Bethany occasionally out, we struggle to know what to cook for Tom, Malcolm and I. It just seems wrong to make one of Sam's beloved chinese meals if he's not here to enjoy it, or to make liver and bacon casserole for three as there would be tons left over (and it doesn't freeze). Needless to say we all wish him well but miss him like mad. 
Sam, by Bethany.
I have, in the midst of all this, managed to make a few things and Bethany and I are looking forward to doing our first craft fair soon, woohoo!! Look out for the next post, I will explain all and show pics.

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