Monday, 1 October 2012

New adventures.

The Slouchy Hobo.
Sorry if you've been trying to view my blog and it's been dancing about a bit! I've been trying to change it having seen so many lovely ones out there. I'll have to enlist Bethany's help (when she can fit me into her busy schedule, lol), she's just set up her own blog, and it's sooooo pretty. 
Anyhoo, I promised to tell you about our newest adventure. Bethany and I have booked our first ever craft fair appearances at the farm shop and cafe where she works (more info about her dreamy cakes in a later post!). My daughter is a designer,, as well as a cake maker and is currently working on designs for notelets and xmas cards. Can you believe it's getting so close?! I'm going to sell (hopefully!) my fabric bags and other handmade items, it's quite daunting thinking of people judging your goods right in front of you!

A bit of a practice on the bed! Some of the items ready for the stall.

I soooo want to keep this one!

If your in the area and would like to come along were at:
 The Country Barn, Widdrington 
Local Produce Fair
Saturday October 13th
Christmas Shopping Evening
Friday November 9th

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