Friday, 2 November 2012

The Amble Gansey

In an earlier post I showed some photos of the gansey my mum, Pat, knitted for me and mentioned our search for an Amble pattern as we now both live there. After much research and squinting over old, fuzzy photos of old, fuzzy fishermen, this was the pattern we devised between us. This gansey was knitted for Malcolm and will be perfect for dog walking in the depths of winter.
The pattern includes depictions of rope, open and closed nets and ladders. It also includes, as a type of border, a hens claw design which seems to be unique to the Amble gansey, Amble folk being keen keepers of hens, often on their allotments.


  1. Is this available as a written pattern

    1. Sorry Kay, no. Mum used a pattern she already had for the main body and added the yoke from graphs I worked out for her. It's a good idea for the future if I ever get time 🙂