Friday, 2 November 2012

It's electrifying!

So, how many Hunter's does it take to change a light pull?
Late the other evening Bethany came downstairs with the light pull from our bathroom in her hand. "It just came off!" she wailed, and looked so upset that even we didn't have the heart to laugh. Now if it had been Sam it would have been much funnier, he having been blessed with the Harry Hunter gene. This means that, along with his Granda before him, if anything is to break / fall apart / drop off a shelf it will do so in Sams presence! 
Anyhoo, the next day we were faced with the prospect of replacing said light pull. Now neither of us is particularly handy around the house. D.I.Y. does not float my husband's boat (neither does gardening, but that doesn't stop him - a subject for another post methinks!) Electrics are best left to the professionals in our view. But how difficult could it be? It certainly didn't warrant an expensive call out fee, not to mention the embarrassment of being such D.I.Y. wimps. Sooo..., two very cricked necks later, we Googled it of course! One hour later we had our brand new, free from grubby finger marks, "Look what we did" light pull in place!
And the answer to my original question? 
Two, not because neither of us had a clue but 'coz between us we haven't got a decent pair of eyes these days. A case of the short-sighted leading the short-sighted you could say!!

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