Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Oh no! One step forward, three back!

On Friday my beloved husband got his first full months pay check in three long years! We celebrated with an Indian takeaway and had a lovely night.
On Saturday I crashed my car!!
Well I didn't actually crash into anything, it kind of crashed itself. Maybe my poor Clio was fed up with all the negative comments it gets (from my family, not me - I love my little car!) Maybe it was fed up with being compared to my husbands previous BMW or my daughters Punto. We shall never know - it left no note - just decided that it had had enough!!
I was giving Bethany a lift to her friends house on Saturday evening as they were going out for a meal for her friends birthday. We were quite happily driving along and chatting when there was an almighty BANG and I suddenly couldn't see! The car bonnet had flown up and cracked the windscreen. Luckily no other cars were involved, the road - often busy and fast moving - was quiet, and I managed to stop at the side of the road safely.

The photos aren't great I'm afraid, but you get the gist.

The worst thing was that we couldn't get the bonnet back down as it had been forced past it's hinges, so we had no choice but to call the AA.

 Malcolm got my Mum to drive him to the scene, drop him off to wait with me and take Bethany home. She couldn't figure out why so many people were tooting their horns at us until I pointed out that she was wearing a skin tight, black lace dress (Bethany, not my Mum!!)
So Bethany and her friend didn't get their meal out and Malcolm and I didn't get the fish and chips I was supposed to be fetching on the way home!
Worst of all it looks like my poor car is a write off. If I claim on my insurance my no claims bonus will be reduced from 9 years to 2, putting any further insurance premiums way up :-(
One step forward, eh?

Our family, thank goodness, are adept at finding a funny side. On this occasion it was me set to relay the AA's number from Malcolm, over the phone, to Bethany; Bethany poised with a black eyeliner to write said number on her hand; then Malcolm reading out 
Maybe you had to be there but, if your an Only Fools and Horses fan, it was a real Trigger moment!!
Oh well, RIP little Clio, you were loved :-)


  1. Oh boy, I am so sorry to hear your news. Although your Trigger moment made me smile. Glad that no one was hurt, maybe with the passing of Clio, another wonderful car will come your way ! Good Luck Louise.

    1. Thanks Charlotte, I've already got my eye on one or two - just got to see how far the finances will stretch :-)

  2. Gosh how scary that must have been. I have book marked you so will be back to read past posts!

  3. Oh goodness, that must've been terrifying. I'm glad you weren't hurt. You've reminded me to check that the breakdown number is in my glove compartment... x

  4. THanks for the advise on the trawling websites in my stats. I wont be clicking on them, EVER! Thanks