Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Crochet cushion ta-dah!

Here's my latest item for my Etsy shop, a lovely plump purple and blue crochet front cushion.

When I began this project I had no particular purpose for it other than having something to do. Malcolm is always asking "what are you making?" and more often than not the answer is "I don't know yet, it depends what it turns into"
Does anybody else work in this way?
I currently have 8 completed Dresden Plate style patchwork flowers which may or may not become 8 small cushions, 2 large cushions or a duvet cover. Who knows what they may morph themselves into!

Peace, love and marshmallows xx


  1. Nice to hear from you ... your cushion looks lovely. Hope that the New Year is going well for you.

  2. Hi Louise, I've just found your blog and wanted to say I agree entirely. I sometimes start with an idea, rarely with a pattern and am frequently unsurprised when what I'm making takes on a life if its own.

    1. Hi RedSetter, thanks for popping along, I love the photos of your cats! I'm also knitting a lacy bag that may well turn into a scarf if there's enough wool, lol :-)