Tuesday, 21 May 2013

It's my birthday!! Should I celebrate?

Yeah, I turned 49 today! 

I wasn't sure if it was something to celebrate or not as we have had our toughest year yet, financially. However last week everything turned on it's head. My husband, Malcolm, was offered a job out of the blue after three years out of work following redundancy! He was shortlisted for the post a while ago but was unsuccessful, only to be given a second chance when the original appointee handed in his notice. 
Anyhoo, my onetime teacher husband is now working for the County Council cutting grass, emptying bins etc. and is as happy as Larry (whoever he is!)

Other reasons to celebrate?

We will have been married 22 years on Saturday, still together 'every step of the way!'
We are bringing Sam home from uni on Saturday for the summer.
Bethany is off to uni too in September, finally following her dream.
Tom, our youngest, makes us laugh daily.
I have an interview for a new job next month. 
We are all fit and well (apart from the usual aches and pains!) including my Mum who had heart surgery a year ago.

Yeah, ok, so I'll celebrate, lol!!


  1. First of all Happy Happy Birthday. Secondly, Yes, you must defintely celebrate. It sounds like that is exactly what you need. Congratulations on all the good news I hope it continues to go that way for you. 22 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, and it sounds like the hard times have made you stronger. So Happy Birthday. Have a great time. xx Charlotte. PS. Love the birthday cup cakes, they look yummy and very pretty.

    1. Thanks Charlotte. I found a quote on Etsy recently 'A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.' This could pretty much be our family motto!! I feel very positive about the year ahead now, who knows what I can achieve before I'm 50!

    2. Forgot to say, I cheated, the cupcakes aren't mine! They were made by the children at school for a colleague's retirement, but, yes, they were yummy!