Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Houseproud Sloven: Bathroom cleaning.

I'm ashamed to say that yesterday I cleaned the bathroom for the first time in weeks, even by my standards that is deplorable! I've had plenty of excuses, the most frequent being "It's too hot!" and "I'll do it in the summer holidays!" So much for an end to procrastination, lol!!
Well the holidays are here and the sun has stopped shining (although it is still very warm) so I have finally set too. Of course the rest of the house has been equally abandoned  - well there was crocheting to finish - but you've got to start somewhere! 
Now I would like my bathroom to look like this

but actually it looks like this!

Anyhoo, my daughter (who is most responsible) and eldest son will be away to uni in September so I will leave the decluttering side of things in here until then.
So, after bunging the towels and bathmats in the washing machine (and remembering to switch it on, lol), giving the room a thorough clean and depositing the grubby shower curtain in a bath of bleach and water, I headed downstairs for a well earned glass of juice (I know, what a party animal!)
I'd just started writing this post when my eldest son, Sam, wandered down.
 "How long does that curtain need to soak? Me mates just rung and wants me to meet him in 5 minutes and I need a shower."
This is what I'm up against!!
Sooooo...juice half drunk, post only started, I headed once more unto the fray to give the curtain a bit of a scrub before rehanging AND THE DARN THING RIPPED ALONG THE BOTTOM SEAM!!! I wish I'd just bought a new one in the first place - bloomin' frugality!!
Sam was very apologetic -  not that it was his fault -  and, as I told him him, he had at least got me away from posting about cleaning and back to actually doing it.
'And on that bombshell' I did all the hoovering too!! 

P.S. Some of you may be wondering where my promised cleaning lists are. Weeeellll I
have decided to leave that to the many wonderful blogs that do it so well. I ain't ever gonna be no cleanin' guru!! All I'd like to do is share my attempts at creating the home I think my family deserve - if we share a few laughs along the way then all the better :-D 


  1. hello Louise . lol , you make me laugh , Asda have got some great ones only £7.00 , at some branches they even have some designs reduced to £3.50 , but I needed two of the design I liked and they only had one , just my luck , after either a blue and white gingham or a pretty cottagey flowered curtain if you know of anywhere, have a good weekend , Eileen xxx

    1. Thanks for the heads up Eileen, I was just at Asda on Tuesday - if only I'd known then that I would need one!

  2. You made me laugh too .... The good thing about cleaning, it will always be there waiting for you ... so I say let it wait while you do lovely things instead . Hope you have a great Summer Holiday.

    1. Thanks Charlotte :-) I love your gift parcels by the way, have you made it to the UK yet?

  3. I swear showers curtains have a death wish, in fact I gave up in the end and got a swinging glass door thingy fitted!

    I have a friend who reckons it only needs cleaning if it's moving!

  4. I throw my shower curtains in the washing machine, that often works ok. I've not felt like doing much housework or cooking in this heat, it's too tiring! x

  5. I throw shower curtains in the washing machine with some bleach, it works well enough. I hate cleaning the bathroom, it is my number one most hated job!

  6. Life is far to short for cleaning - have fun now the bathroom is off your list x