Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yeah, Sam's back!

Sam and his Dad at Bethany's 18th.

Our awesome (his word but he is!) son Sam has been home from Uni for the first time since he started in August. He's been back as far as Newcastle for a 'sesh' with his mates but didn't have time to make it all the way home! Anyhoo, we had been having trouble contacting him for a few days - not too unusual as he's not great at the best of times. It turns out that he was trying to keep his visit a secret so as to surprise us all, but he'd already mentioned coming up this weekend in a previous phone call! While he was trying to avoid letting the cat out of the bag, we were trying to organise bus times and meals!!
Needless to say we spent four days plying him with his favourite home-cooked food. Beef in black bean sauce, tandoori chicken and Sunday dinner complete with roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings. Then two well stocked bacon butties before he caught the bus back to Leeds! We did show him a few cooking basics before he first left and his sister bought him a cookery for students book for his birthday. To Sam, however, life is too short to even shop for a mushroom, never mind stuff it! He's a dab hand at fried egg sarnies and already getting free chips from his local burger bar, so I'm sure he won't starve!  

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