Saturday, 8 June 2013

The House-proud Sloven: My attempts to be more of the former and less of the latter!

As you will probably have gathered from the title I am not the worlds best housewife!  I would love to have a beautiful home but I find cleaning the most thankless task in the world. We have a saying, "It's like painting the Forth Rail Bridge", it takes so long to get to the end you have to go straight back to the beginning and start again! 

With 5 of us living in a small semi - not to mention the biggest Labrador in the world - I regularly find myself fighting a losing battle. Don't get me wrong, I DO clean, but I would rather be crafting/cooking/reading/blogging or a million other things!! Malcolm helps out, of course (and the kids - I leave their rooms to them) but neither of us is particularly D.I.Y. inclined and money is always thin on the ground!

The upshot of all this is that after 11 years of family life the old homestead is looking more than a little sorry for itself. 

Sooo........I'm going to take action!
I am going to give our tiny castle some overdue T.L.C.
Keep tuning in to see how I get on, I would love to here your tips and strategies too :)


  1. I can totally understand you, we are a family of 6 the youngest being almost 2 .. and she is a bit of a Madam to say the least... her latest task painting my white leather chair with pink nail varnish !!!! also we have a huge BernerSennen Dog. She is big and smelly.... ( any tips on that would be great ! Bathing her is a nightmare.. ) but we do love her. I look forward to following your updates.. maybe it will motivate me more ... :) From Charlotte.

    1. Oh no, your poor chair! Did you get the nail varnish off? My youngest is 13 so we're past these types of incidents - but we've swapped them for fake tan on the towels and bedrooms full of unwashed dishes!!