Saturday, 15 June 2013

"It's the same sun...

that shines here!"
These words, or similar, were often spoken by my father-in-law when extolling the virtues of a British summer. Sitting in our garden, in the recent glorious sunshine, I have to say I totally agree. 
Not being a particularly avid gardener, I tend to leave things to Mother Nature rather more than I should. She must take pity on me at this time of year though, sending me splashes of colour from peonies, vincas, aquilegias and the like. The only other time of year my garden looks good is in the Winter when it's covered in snow lol!
Thanks Ma!



Some of her choices are less welcome, but just as pretty in their own way!

Last year we let the brambles grow and had enough for an apple and bramble crumble, yummy!

My kiwi plant has, up to now, only produced one fruit - and that was nabbed by a hungry bird. Imagine my excitement when my husband spotted these!

Now, what to do about those pesky birds?
I found a forgotten half bag of compost in the shed so decided to sow some left over seeds in a few pots and see what came up. The seeds were out of date so I wasn't sure, but it was worth a try :)

         The mizuna, lollo rosso and spring onions are coming up!                                          

Still no sign of the pumpkins though!
I can't post photos of the garden without including some of our Labrador, Angel. She loves to sit in the sun watching the birds and the bees. However she also likes to 'help' with the gardening; if I prune she prunes, if I weed she weeds, if I dig she digs. She has also riddled the lawn with yellow patches, but we love her non-the-less!

My favourite photo!

It's thirsty work this gardening lark!

It wasn't me!

Love you, Dad
Malcolm will kill me for this!!!



  1. Your peonies are such a vivid colour. I adore peonies and wish we had some in the garden. You could try netting to keep the birds off your plants, although it doesn't look very pretty! x

    1. Thanks for the tip, Gillian, knowing me the birds will have eaten all the fruits before I get organised! We were lucky enough to have the peonies in the garden when we moved in - and luckier still that they have survived my random acts of gardening!!