Sunday, 26 April 2015

Wibbly blanket ta-dah!

Here is my recently finished wibbly wobbly blanket, a Christmas present from Malcolm. 
It's the first time I've made a 'one piece' project of this size and although it was great fun I was pleased to finish before the weather got any warmer! Take my word for it, it's very cosy :-)
The pattern is the Coast Ripple Blanket by the awesome Lucy of Attic24 and the pack, complete with pattern and colour order, came from her shop here. The 15 balls of Stylecraft Special DK come in a lovely gauzy bag and it was a joy finding and pulling out each new colour in turn. Once I'd made the long chain and got the first row out of the way it was pretty east to do and very relaxing. Lucy also has a great know-how on here with plenty of helpful pics.
My only problem now is where to display this seasidey loveliness. Anywhere downstairs is out of the question owing to the attraction anything wool has to our Labrador's hair! Our plan was to put it on our bed but as it's only a single size it looks a bit lost, even draped sideways along the bottom. I think I might use it on my daughter's single bed as a first step in turning the room into a coastal themed craft room now that she's pretty much left home. 
I'll take and post some photos when I get the chance so you can see what you think. Meanwhile, for better images than I could ever take, check out Lucy's on the links above.
Oh, by the way my mum is making the Cottage Ripple Blanket and it's equally yummy!!

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