Thursday, 31 January 2013

The serendipitous rug.

I have long been dreaming of buying a lovely, colourful rug for the living room, not least to cover up the ageing carpet that we can't afford to replace. Unfortunately we can't afford a new rug either! 
Imagine my joy, therefore, when I won this lovely little critter in a raffle before Christmas!

Ok, so it's not massive, but it gives the room a lift like all new furnishings. But it is the story behind this fortuitous win that is so funny.
 The rug started life as a wool kit purchased by my aunt some time ago. Sadly, my aunt then suffered a stroke and was unable to continue the project. As there was still quite a bit of work to be done she decided to put the whole thing, complete with frame, into a local jumble sale. The kit was bought from the jumble by a crafting friend of my mum, who then gave it to my mum (who didn't yet know where it had come from) to complete with a view to raffling it for charity. 
You can see where this is going now can't you. Yup, mum bought raffle tickets for both of us and my number came up!! 

 I did feel a little guilty as my mum had put in so much work and I hadn't even paid her for the ticket, but not for too long! She was happy for me to have it anyway, bless her, love you Mum. My aunt was really pleased at the outcome too and more people benefitted from the circuitous route the rug took to get to my living room!

I love the mix of colours, the odd red and blue amongst the more neutral tones bring it to life and the shagginess is lovely on bare feet. Our dog, Angel, has taken a shine to it now that the 'newness' of it has worn off. Fortunately she's a yellow labrador so her hairs don't show too much!

Have any of you had a lucky craft or homey win lately? I must admit I rarely win anything.

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