Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tree Day! Bluff and double bluff.

Friday 30th November was, by Hunter family tradition, Tree Day. Since Malcolm and I got together we have put our tree up in readiness for starting our advent calenders on 1st December. On Tree Day nothing is started until everyone is home from work, school or wherever. Even illness has not deterred this special event. This year, however, we had a dilemma; Sam was away at uni! Now, bearing in mind that our kids are now 20, 18 and 13, you would think that this would not really be a problem. Ohh noooo! Many have been the arguments and lamentations particularly from our eldest Bethany.
 "We have to put the tree up on Tree Day!"
"No, we have to wait for Sam to come home."
"But that's not for ages yet!"
What Bethany and Tom didn't realise was that Sam had already arranged to come home on the 30th. Malcolm and I enjoyed winding them up about it at every opportunity, such is our family's way (before you think us too cruel!) Our only problem then was the fact that he wasn't due back until 7 o'clock at night. How could we keep up the act for that long without the other two being genuinely upset? (You can see how important these traditions still are- they obviously thought we were just joking) Imaging the surprise when in walked Sam-onthe 29th November tricking us all!! I've never given him such a massiiiiiive hug for years. Malcolm was out with the dog at the time, there were no takers for "bet you a tenner Dad will cry." High five, Sam!

Our dog, Angel, wonders if she will fit on top of the tree.

Tom fills the Advent calender with chocs.

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