Friday, 3 May 2013


This is the scrumptious pie that my husband, Malcolm, made a few weeks ago. It's a pistachio and cranberry pork pie from the BBC Good Food website and tastes delicious!
I had bought some pork mince because it was reduced, stuck it in the freezer and then couldn't decide what to make with it. We also had some frozen cranberries and a packet of pistachio nuts left over from Christmas, so when I found this recipe I knew we were onto a winner. The only flaw in my plan was that I hadn't made hot water crust pastry before! Now, I enjoy cooking and have many favourite family meals in my repertoire but I can be a bit of a wimp when trying new things. Malcolm , however, has less qualms about this so I was happy for him to hijack my pie plans!

There was plenty pie for four of us for two days. As you can see we had it cold with salad and also with pickles. My daughter, Bethany, rated this pie and she's not really a fan of pastry, cranberries or nuts in savoury dishes!

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